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First a word about what we don’t offer. We are not in the business of selling products. We don’t work on commission or accept referral payments from outside parties. We are a fee-only firm with conflict-free relationships with the professionals we choose to partner with. What we do provide are services intended to assist our clients with every aspect of their financial lives. These offerings enable us to develop a living, breathing financial plan that evolves over time as changes occur in our clients’ lives.

Our services are highly personalized to our clients’ needs and desires, but mostly fall within the following areas:
Investment Management

Beginning with an assessment of your personal investment objectives, we design a portfolio that is appropriate for your specific needs. We then monitor economic trends on a continual basis to ensure your investments remain on track to meet your goals.

Estate Planning

Ensuring the continuity of your estate plan and the transitioning of your assets down to the heirs and beneficiaries of your choice is essential. We work with legal counsel and tax advisors to ensure you have the optimal strategy in place and that it is implemented and executed properly.

Retirement Planning

Lifelong financial independence is your ultimate goal. We help you design and adhere to a plan that will ensure your nest egg is sufficient, that working into your golden years is optional, and that your decisions around retirement are made with total peace-of-mind.

Risk Management

As you accumulate wealth, protecting your assets becomes a crucial priority. We will work with insurance agents and attorneys to evaluate your needs, reduce or eliminate your risk exposure, and protect your wealth.

Tax Planning

Taxes are complicated. Mistakes can mean serious trouble, and a lack of diligence can mean paying Uncle Sam more than your share. We collaborate with your CPA and continually assess your tax situation to ensure you are compliant and only paying your fair share, but no more.

Business Owner Advice & Guidance

As a business owner, you have the additional complexities of managing your business cash flow and employees, obtaining and managing debt, transition planning to unlock the wealth in your business, and protecting business and personal assets. We work with you to make sure you are utilizing all strategies afforded to you and provide you with the peace of mind to secure your financial future and allow you to focus on running your business.

Charitable Giving

With proper planning, charitable giving can enable you to support the causes that are important to you, while strengthening your overall financial plan. We help you determine which gifting strategy provides the greatest financial benefits to both you and your charitable cause.

We Focus On:
A beacon of stability in unforgiving waters.

What perils lie beneath the surface of each difficult financial decision? Our job is to help ensure you need not find out. Your retirement is the stability of everything you’ve worked so hard to build; all of your financial interests precede our own — that is Westshore’s legal and ethical obligation as a fiduciary. Our clients, which include industry leaders, business owners, professional athletes, entertainers, and multi-generational estates, reflect this reputation of trust.

Kick up your feet. We’ve already done the legwork.

Enjoy the warm breeze of your success knowing that every financial consideration has been attended to. We advise and help manage your entire financial picture. So you can live as you wish, spend with peace of mind, and retire the way you’ve always dreamed. The advocacy, planning, and responsiveness of an attentive financial advisor allows you more time to focus for yourself and your family with less worry about tomorrow.

Wealth Transfer
Tides rise and fall. Your legacy continues.

Your journey won’t be complete until you’re confident that all of your hard work and success can seamlessly arrive at the shore of the next generation. Detailed work such as financial projections, document preparation, tax analysis, and sound investment advice must account for contingencies and ensure your wishes are adhered to, while being responsive when those wishes change. There’s no comfort like knowing that you will continue to provide support and security to your loved ones throughout their lives.

Cast your lifeline for the
greater good.

Hard work and good fortune have filled your sails. Now, for you, your plan may not feel complete until it can facilitate a greater tomorrow for those less fortunate. Making charitable giving a part of your financial plan can be a rewarding experience, but maximizing the impact of your philanthropic commitments requires advanced planning. Determining which approach to gifting is right for you will depend on many factors. Our goal is to ensure your gifts are made in a tax-efficient manner so that the charity of choice receives the biggest possible benefit from your generosity.

Meet Our Team

Our team of talented financial service professionals have come together from diverse backgrounds with unique, specialized skill sets that benefit our clients each and every day.

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